Below are examples of my work, which begins with 10 singles, followed by a photo story about cockfighting and video samples.



In a rural area 30 minutes outside of La Palma, Cuba, an arena stacked inside an old wooden barn, lit only by sunlight breaking through the missing panels and doorways, quickly fills with men. In the middle of the arena, a two-sided cage is lowered to the mulch-covered ground. Two handlers step into the ring, cradling roosters in their arms, they place the birds into each side of the cage. “Twenty! Twenty! I go twenty!,” men begin shouting over each other waving frantically at bookies shuffling larges wads of cash. The yelling intensifies as one of the handlers heads to the side of the ring and pulls a rope. The cage is lifted and the roosters face each other. At first, the birds just stare as if uncertain of what to do but as the shouting of the crowd intensifies to a deafening point, the roosters lunge at each other, lifting themselves into the air and swiping their claws at the opponent's head.

Although cockfighting is a well-known Sunday activity in Cuba, the average Cuban has never seen one. Cockfights are violent and tend to draw hardcore fanatics who enjoy the intensity of the sport and the gambling.


A few samples of my video production and editing work

Short Film: Apple Seeds

Wedding Film: Lindsay & Cole

Documentary: Finding Home

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